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Danielle McNamara – Owner

Danielle likes to be called just Dani, and embraces her many almond milk cappuccinos​ every morning. French Bistro is her thing, she will also choose this food and atmosphere for a good time. She loves to holiday in the Greek Islands but never finds the time. Her favourite colour is Blue, like the ocean, and pretty much sticks to the same colour pallette when dressing – do not ask her to change. Her guilty pleasures are designer handbags and does let the fact that she has only two arms stop her. She enjoys a glass of Champagne on her deck, and lives by the motto: “Enjoy the journey”.

Danielle McNamara – Owner

@RUNDCM      Dani@hellogorgeousneutralbay.com.au


Leighann Crawford- Manager

Leighann or Leanne doesn’t mind what way you spell it don’t have a nickname. She loves to start every morning with a soy latte, one sugar and a positive mind. Love all cuisines from every country and enjoys a good cocktail from time to time. She holidays to Ireland at least once a year to visit family and friends and is constantly traveling and visiting new countries. The colours emerald green, turquoise and baby pink are her favourite, but has never been seen with those colours in her hair strangely.

She lives by the quote “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”


Kyri Damianakis – Senior

Kyri starts every morning by literally smelling the coffee that pours from his machine. When he’s not in the salon doing his thing, you’ll find him going for a morning run along the beach on the beautiful Central Coast.
He won’t say no to a cold beer with friends on a hot afternoon and loves learning to cook traditional Greek cuisine with family when he’s not out exploring local gems for a great feed. Favourite colours are navy, grey and black yet is strangely not EMO.

He lives his life by the quote “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”


Jessie O’Brien – Senior

Jessie loves to start every morning with an ice cold bottle of water and a can of Red Bull to kick start her day. She doesn’t drink coffee or tea – it’s personal.

When she’s not in the salon you will find her walking her friends dogs along the beach. As she loves dogs, bloody crazy for them. She enjoys going out for meals with her friends and is partial to a nice cocktail on sunny day. She loves to plan her next holiday – is it Spain? Is it Bali? Her favourite colours are purple and light pink and we do not hold it against her at all.+

She lives by the motto “with the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”

Perms and Conditioners

Terms and Conditions

Fair usage policy applies, as we have to keep all things fair to our customers and staff.

So we have a few rules on some of our special offers.

1) Buddy Offer: These are now hard to come by; if you have one let the staff know and we will book you in. When you come in you will have to show your offer before we can start. For yourself and a friend can have a free Wash, Blow Dry and glass of Bubbly. Or they can have it, or you can share. The only stipulation is that you book in at the same time on the same day – as it is a buddy offer and you need someone to share the Bubbly cheer with. So basically one free Wash and Blow Dry between two people. One Blow Dry Buddy Offer per customer pair (you and your buddy can’t do it twice). Not available on Thursday Nights or Saturdays as we are so flat out. Offer available various times throughout the year.

2) Gift Vouchers: To purchase a Gift Pack with Alcohol (Mini Moet) you must be over 18 – it’s the law. One Wash and Blow Dry Voucher is valid for 6 months. Vouchers with more than 5 treatments are valid for 12 months. We can extend validity for a few months if you have a really good reason.

3) Wash and Blow Dry Packs: allows you to pre purchase standard blow dry and washes. This does not include GHD curls / straightening or extras such as extensions or rollers etc. Just a standard wash and blow dry – which is always gorgeous anyway. We do not limit how many offers you purchase but you cannot buy more of them and give one blow dry to someone else (you can however purchase a pack and give that away as a gift – that’s a nice thing to do). The pack has to be for one person only, under one name. The offer is valid until availability runs out.

4) Overhaul Package: $300 offer is only available once per customer and must be paid for in advance to make a booking. This is a limited offer and we don’t have lot of free spots so give us a call to find out a suitable time. This package is also known as “Balayage Overhaul” or “Full Head Overhaul”. Sadly just one package is available per person no matter what it’s called – otherwise we will go broke.

5) Spend N Save: Spend and save offers are valid on your account for 12 months. They do not include retail product sales such as hair extensions, shampoo and conditioners etc. Special Hot offers are also not included, like the $350 Extension offer and the Overhaul Package – as they are super great value already.